Common Wedding Mistakes That May Ruin Your Wedding

wedding planningWhen planning a wedding, a lot of ideas and suggestions come out and are given to help the couple have a successful wedding. You will certainly get ideas on what wedding theme to choose, how to prepare for the wedding, who to hire and even what wedding mistakes to avoid.

Yes, wedding mistakes happen even when a couple thinks everything is set in place. Try to ask your married friends if they encountered any wedding blunder and for sure they have something to narrate – it might not be a blunder that happened during the wedding but that of another friend. Well, if you get to know these common wedding mistakes, then you can avoid them thus stopping the possibility of a wedding gaffe.

  1. Inviting too early

You and your partner are surely excited to share your wedding plans with your friends. You want them to mark you preferred wedding date in the calendars and even send out the wedding invitations early. But then, chances are, if you inform them early without finalizing first the bookings for the wedding ceremony and reception then there might be unforeseen changes which may cause confusion. The wedding date may suddenly need to be moved or the wedding venue will be changed or the wedding theme might be different from the original.

Make sure to finalize or book first the wedding date, venue/s, theme before sending out the invitation or ringing to invite friends.

  1. Late searching of a wedding photographer

A wedding photographer is definitely someone you should hired for your wedding. He/she will take photos of the wonderful memories during your wedding. It is crucial for you to be meticulous in choosing a wedding photographer to hire. Set face to face appointments and assess each candidate well. Book the wedding photographer that you have chosen right away. Good photographers get hired fast so be sure to start searching early so you can book months before the wedding.

  1. Not getting a wedding videographer

Some couples dismiss the importance of hiring a wedding videographer. It’s late when they realize that they should have gotten one. A wedding videographer can record the actual moments in your wedding especially those that you might have missed. Not getting a wedding videographer may ruin your chance of keeping the memories of your special day and being able to reminisce by watching the video every time you want to.

  1. Forgetting to include the wedding vendors

Wedding vendors like a Los Angeles wedding photographer, videographer and wedding planner should not be taken for granted during the wedding. They worked hard to help make your wedding a success so you should at least give them food to eat. If you do not allocate food for them, they will not be productive during the wedding aside from the fact that they may have ill feelings towards you.

  1. No backup plan for possible weather disturbance

Even if the expected weather is a sunny or good one, there is still a possibility that rain falls. You must set a backup plan on what to do or where to evacuate your guests especially if your wedding is set outdoors. Maybe arrange for tents to ready for setting up in case it rains or you can have raincoats, umbrellas prepared for use.

  1. Not reading the vendor contracts

You and your spouse will surely be hiring wedding vendors for your wedding. At times, you might choose to get a relative for a job and you might think a contract is not necessary. Well, that is a wrong move on your part. No matter how big or small the job is and whoever you hire, you must always have a signed contract with the wedding vendor. A contract can give both parties assurance that everything you’ve agreed upon will be met. Read each vendor contract carefully before signing them.

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5 Handy Tips on How to Choose a Good Wedding Planner

wedding plannerSleepless nights, loss of appetite and stress are among the things couples experience before their wedding. Who would supply the flowers? Who would attend to the church needs? Who would handle the entertainment and catering services? They have a lot of things to decide on and the appointments with vendors seem endless.

Planning such a big event can be a burden especially if the help you get is minimal. You need someone who can assist in each and every task. One person who can be a huge help in planning for your wedding is a wedding planner. A wedding planner is an individual who assists couples in planning and organizing their wedding. He/she can use his experience and expertise in making your wedding successful, memorable and of course stress-free.

With their experience in the wedding industry, wedding planners can easily find the needed vendors or suppliers for your wedding. The wedding planner can also set up appointments or even meet with wedding vendors like the photographer of Danish Apple Photography on your behalf if you are busy. He/she can also provide ideas, tips and suggestions when it comes to the flowers, gown and food among many others.

Finding a great wedding planner should be taken seriously. You need to set standards on what will be your basis in choosing. Here are some handy tips on how you can choose the best wedding planner.

  1. Create a shortlist of wedding planner

Start by asking friends and relatives if they can recommend a wedding planner. Find more wedding planners from the web or by visiting your area. Get their contact information, place a call and request for an appointment. Create a shortlist of around 4 to 6 wedding planners so you have quite several to choose from.

  1. Set up a formal interview

Meet each wedding planner in person so you can assess their skills and know their personalities. You should carefully evaluate them by asking questions related to their profession and experience. You can start by asking how many years he/she has been into the wedding planning business then ask what wedding he/she specializes in.

There are wedding planners who are versatile and ca work on any kind of wedding while there are others who have limited capacity and are only great with a specific kind of wedding setup. If you haven’t decided yet on what kind of wedding you want, then ask for example suggestions and see if he/she can give you an interesting wedding theme

  1. Determine if the professional fee is reasonable

Wedding planners differ in the amount they ask s professional fee. Make sure that the fee he/she is asking is within the range expected in your area. Know also if the fee is reasonable enough based on his/ her experience. If the fee suits your budget and he/she seems skilled and credible, then go ahead and choose him/her.

  1. Know their connections

During the interview, ask if he/she has connections with different suppliers and vendors. You need to know if he/she gets along with the people he/she usually works with. If you are getting married in Cheshire, your wedding planner must be able to find the best cheshire wedding photographer for you.

If the wedding planner has a strong network of friends in the industry, then he/she might be really nice and professional. A nice personality is an important consideration when choosing a planner since it means that the person is credible and easy to get along with.

  1. Make some background check

Once you have shortlisted some wedding planners, it is now time for you to do a more thorough background check. Ask for some references like their former clients and contact them. Ask the former clients how they would rate the wedding planner and if they were satisfied with the service provided to them by the wedding planner before.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

videographerWhen planning your wedding, there are plenty of preparations that need to be done and questions that must be answered.  For sure your family and friends are willing to help you out. They can give recommendations on what to buy, where to go when canvasing for prices and who to hire among wedding professionals offering their services.

You will need to find a wedding planner to help you organize everything for the wedding. You also need a caterer to provide sumptuous food to all guests and a wedding florist to choose the flowers that blend well with your wedding theme. And yes, a wedding photographer gloucestershire to take pictures of the precious moments in your wedding. Those are only some of the wedding vendors or professionals sought after by engaged couples.

But, do you know that there’s another wedding professional that is important in a wedding? Yes, a wedding videographer! Some might cringe at the thought hiring a videographer for hiring one is an additional expense. But then, if you think hard, you will realize that a wedding videographer plays a big role in a wedding. Hiring one is worth every penny you spend.

Here are top 4 reasons to hire a wedding videographer.

  1. A wedding videographer is technically skilled and theoretically knowledgeable.

Most of us can record videos but not all of us can do it professionally. A professional videographer spent time in studying how to record videos and how to edit them. They can definitely produce better wedding videos than any of our friends who are not into videography.

  1. A wedding video taken by a professional can showcase weddings moments that you missed.

Professional videographers such as those from Steven Jones Photography know how and what to capture in a wedding. You can surely view the moments you have missed when you were busy preparing before the wedding or entertaining other guests during the wedding.

You can also see your valued guests and their expressions and mood during the wedding ceremony. For sure you will find that some guests are emotional, others are extremely happy or nervous. A mixture of emotions will be caught on camera by the videographer.

  1. They can edit the video and add effects to make it look more artistic and worth keeping.

These wedding videographers do not only know how to record videos but also how to edit them. You can be assured of a wedding video worth keeping as well as sharing to friends, relatives and future grandchildren.

  1. A wedding video can help relive an important event in your life.

You can watch your wedding video from time to time and relive the moments that happened. You can even show it to the next generation in your family. They will surely feel amazed by how unique and brilliant the video is.

If you’re really serious in making your wedding successful, then get professional help. Hire those who have experience in handling weddings and can make your wedding a success.

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