Choosing Your Wedding Photography Style that Fits You

wedding photography styleThere are many significant factors that soon-to-wed couples should consider when choosing their wedding photographer. They need to decide on the wedding photography budget, package and prices as well as the wedding photography style.

Wedding photographers will normally present to you several wedding photography styles. You might be familiar with some while other wedding photography styles must be new to you. It is important that you and your partner choose the right wedding photography style that will blend well with your wedding theme as well as your expected wedding output.

The wedding photos that the professional wedding photographer will produce differ depending on that style he/she applies so make sure you know you can distinguish from style to style.

For those who have no idea what the styles are here are the 3 most popular styles which your wedding photographer will make you choose from.

  1. Traditional Wedding Photography Style

This is the most popular style of wedding photography before which is now competing with another style today. In traditional wedding photography style, the wedding photographer will follow a set of events and has a list of shots that he/ she need to shoot. The wedding shot list may include specific moments during the wedding occasion like walking down the aisle, lighting of candles, first kiss etc. It may also include the group portrait shots that the couple is expecting to see.

Traditional wedding photography style involves high intervention of photographer during photo shoot. He/she interrupts whenever necessary to tell the couple or the guests to smile or strike a pose at the camera. Moreover, the wedding photographer manipulates the scene to achieve the kind of shot or look he/she wants.

This style is considered old by some while others still find this appealing. It is suitable to those who do not mind getting interrupted and are looking forward to getting the formal portrait shots as well as the pictures of the special moments.

  1. Reportage Wedding Photography Style

Some of you might find this style new since it has only been popular in the last two decades. In reportage wedding photography, the Manchester Wedding Photographer records the moments in the wedding by taking pictures while following the couple and their guest throughout the whole event. The wedding photographer will not intervene at any point and will just discreetly take shots of the valuable moments during the wedding.

It is different from the traditional wedding photography where the photographer usually intervenes to take shots. Reportage wedding photographers often produce candid shots of the momentous parts of the wedding without manipulating the scenes or asking anybody for a pose. He may take some formal shots though before the wedding starts.

  1. Artistic Wedding Photography Style

This style implies the artistic view of the photographer and may sometimes involve a bit of intervention when needed. The main goal of the wedding photographer Newcastle here is to produce more unique and stunning images of the people and moments in the wedding. If you are interested in this style of photography, make sure to check some sample pictures and see if you like the images that the wedding photographer produces.

Choose the wedding photography style that you think meets all the requirements you have in mind – from the budget to the wedding theme.

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What is Destination Wedding Photography?

wedding photographerDestination wedding photography can be simply defined as a type of wedding photography where a photographer travels to a distant location to cover a wedding. In most cases, the wedding ceremony and reception are held in another city or country and photographers need to travel there to capture the wonderful moments of the wedding.

Destination wedding photography can be fun and exciting especially if you love travelling to places, but then it can be really challenging as well. There are many things that a wedding photographer should consider when working on a destination wedding project.

Tips for Destination Wedding Photographers

As a photographer, you should be aware what countries require a travel visa. You should also research ahead if a specific international airport will require a certain tax or not. A lot of international airports will require you to pay a fee for carrying more than one camera. They will know you are on some sort of business trip.

Visa and Taxes

You should plan ahead on how to acquire the required visa as well as how much tax you need to pay. Or you can think ahead on what to say to the official as to why you have more than 1 camera. You can tell him that the other one is a backup camera or that it is owned by a friend living in the destination country.

Travel Light

It is also best to pack light and bring only the very important photography equipment you need. Some might disagree with this but trust me you don’t need to bring your house with you. Bring only enough clothes, two cameras, 2 lenses, passport, credit cards, chargers, extra batteries and memory cards.

You can ask this Hampshire Wedding Photographer  on what equipment and accessories you need to bring along when traveling.

Services and Package Rates

If you are just starting your destination wedding photography business, it is best to plan well on what services you are offering.  Decide on what package rates you will offer to your clients and inform them ahead if the rate includes your travel and lodging expenses or not.  Make sure the rate you will give is reasonable and that the clients understand every detail of your agreement.

Build relationships with the right people

You have a high chance at success in wedding photography if you can establish good relationships with wedding coordinators, event planners and other vendors who are handling weddings. Try to connect with them and establish rapport. These people can help you reach out to more potential clients.

It is also best to join online groups and communities of photographers to get advice from expert photographers like wedding photographer Bristol. You can also market yourself online by having your own website. Tell your friends to share your page to their friends and families. This can be a helpful, free promotional tool for you.

The best tip of all is to be adaptive to changes and never stop learning. It is best to gain more knowledge and experience not only in destination wedding photography but also in other forms of photography.

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