5 Handy Tips on How to Choose a Good Wedding Planner

wedding plannerSleepless nights, loss of appetite and stress are among the things couples experience before their wedding. Who would supply the flowers? Who would attend to the church needs? Who would handle the entertainment and catering services? They have a lot of things to decide on and the appointments with vendors seem endless.

Planning such a big event can be a burden especially if the help you get is minimal. You need someone who can assist in each and every task. One person who can be a huge help in planning for your wedding is a wedding planner. A wedding planner is an individual who assists couples in planning and organizing their wedding. He/she can use his experience and expertise in making your wedding successful, memorable and of course stress-free.

With their experience in the wedding industry, wedding planners can easily find the needed vendors or suppliers for your wedding. The wedding planner can also set up appointments or even meet with wedding vendors like the photographer of Danish Apple Photography on your behalf if you are busy. He/she can also provide ideas, tips and suggestions when it comes to the flowers, gown and food among many others.

Finding a great wedding planner should be taken seriously. You need to set standards on what will be your basis in choosing. Here are some handy tips on how you can choose the best wedding planner.

  1. Create a shortlist of wedding planner

Start by asking friends and relatives if they can recommend a wedding planner. Find more wedding planners from the web or by visiting your area. Get their contact information, place a call and request for an appointment. Create a shortlist of around 4 to 6 wedding planners so you have quite several to choose from.

  1. Set up a formal interview

Meet each wedding planner in person so you can assess their skills and know their personalities. You should carefully evaluate them by asking questions related to their profession and experience. You can start by asking how many years he/she has been into the wedding planning business then ask what wedding he/she specializes in.

There are wedding planners who are versatile and ca work on any kind of wedding while there are others who have limited capacity and are only great with a specific kind of wedding setup. If you haven’t decided yet on what kind of wedding you want, then ask for example suggestions and see if he/she can give you an interesting wedding theme

  1. Determine if the professional fee is reasonable

Wedding planners differ in the amount they ask s professional fee. Make sure that the fee he/she is asking is within the range expected in your area. Know also if the fee is reasonable enough based on his/ her experience. If the fee suits your budget and he/she seems skilled and credible, then go ahead and choose him/her.

  1. Know their connections

During the interview, ask if he/she has connections with different suppliers and vendors. You need to know if he/she gets along with the people he/she usually works with. If you are getting married in Cheshire, your wedding planner must be able to find the best cheshire wedding photographer for you.

If the wedding planner has a strong network of friends in the industry, then he/she might be really nice and professional. A nice personality is an important consideration when choosing a planner since it means that the person is credible and easy to get along with.

  1. Make some background check

Once you have shortlisted some wedding planners, it is now time for you to do a more thorough background check. Ask for some references like their former clients and contact them. Ask the former clients how they would rate the wedding planner and if they were satisfied with the service provided to them by the wedding planner before.

Tips for Stunning Sports Photography

If you are someone looking into improving those skills in sports photography, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be sharing here some tips to help you be on your way in capturing some stunning sports photography that can create much impact on to the viewer.

  1. Prepare to Use High ISO

Raising the ISO setting on your camera lets you to shoot at a higher shutter speed, giving you a better chance of getting that perfect shot, especially if it’s night and the lighting environment is not as bright and extensive as it naturally is during the day.

Depending on the camera, you may also want to use Auto ISO to allow your camera to automatically set the best ISO settings for you. One good thing about the auto system is that it doesn’t change your ISO at full steps but in little adjustments that would lessen the impact on the quality of the photos that would happen when adjusted in regular full steps. Consider this setting if you are just starting to use ISO settings for improved night shooting.

  1. Try Something Different

Every sports photo doesn’t have to look the same. Shooting in different angles allows you to better tell the story in a unique perspective. By doing so, you allow your creativity to flourish and capture something that everyone else had not done so yet.


  1. Consider the Surroundings Too

This may seem like a no-brainer, but consider the surroundings too when you shoot. Take photos of the crowd watching the sports venue, the cheering fans shouting their hearts out or even the things going on at courtside. There is a story to be told even outside the playing field which helps form part of the greater of the game that you wish to tell.

  1. Be Prepared To Be Able To Get To Your Gear Quickly and Easily

Being a sports photographer entails you to be prepared at all times, especially considering the fact that things happen very fast in sports that you must have access to your gear quickly and easily. Thus, you have to use either a bag that organizes your gear neatly for you to easily any of them when needed or a special belt or vest so you can quickly reach for the gear you will need as the game progresses.

  1. Long Lenses Go a Long Way…Literally and Figuratively

Sports photography, unlike any other type of photography that pros like Emma Joy do, occasionally requires the biggest and most expensive equipment available. One of these types of equipment is the lens. And for sports, many photographers use long lenses to capture images anywhere around the stadium, including the end areas of the field, creating the perfect head on shot.



Should you consider getting a long lens, try going for a 300mm or 400mm if you can afford it. If not, a 70-200mm would do fine. Also, avoid lenses with an f-stop of f/5.6 like a plague and that it has a tripod mount for support. A quality long lens can last you up to ten years so make sure you buy quality lenses for the job.

  1. Keep your eyes on the game

Every moment in sports is very important. Thus there is no room for you to even take a moment to review the photos you have taken. There is plenty of time for that after the game. But for now, focus on taking every shot you get.

  1. Avoid Using a Flash

For one, flash photography is typically strictly prohibited as it can distract the players and coaches alike, though there are a few exceptions, including basketball and other indoor sports.

Also, flash, especially the on-camera one, tends to ruin photos on the outdoor setting, which is why it’s better to adjust settings like the ISO instead if you have no external flash.

Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Videographer

We cannot deny the fact that a wedding can surely cost us a lot. The total cost of the wedding will depend on the wedding venue we are planning to rent, the prices of the items we buy and the cost of professional fees professionals among many others. But then, if you are wise in making your selection then you surely won’t have to spend too much.wedding videography

One of the wedding expenses that we need to incur is the fee of wedding professionals. We need to hire people to help us make the wedding successful and smooth flowing. Among the wedding professionals that we need to hire s is a wedding photographer. A wedding photographer will take pictures of the people and moments during our wedding. Another professional that some engaged couples hire is a wedding videographer. A wedding videographer can record the actual moments that happen in your wedding that you might have missed.

Now, is it really necessary to hire a wedding videographer? Isn’t getting a wedding photographer enough? Well, hiring a wedding videographer will surely be an add-on to your wedding expenses and this is one of the reasons why some couples dismiss the idea of getting one. But then, come to think of it, there are many advantages you can get from hiring a wedding videographer essex and employing one does not really cost that much.

Below are several advantages that you can get from hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding.

  1. Get to see moments missed

A bride normally cannot see the wedding processional because she’s the last one who walks down the aisle. But then with the help of the wedding photographer, she will get to see her bridesmaid, maid of honor and other guests during the processional.  This is only one of the special moments that you won’t miss when you hire a videographer.

  1. Hear sounds and see real emotions

With a wedding video, you can hear the sounds during the wedding ceremony and even the wedding party. You can see the real emotions, expressions and mannerism of your guests which you can relive even years after through watching again your wedding video.

  1. View from another person’s position

During the wedding, you will surely be busy focusing on the wedding ceremony and then afterwards entertaining your guests. For sure, there are unexpected moments that you might not have seen or guests that you didn’t notice were around because you were immersed with other things. With the help of the wedding videographer, you get to see more different moments during the wedding so it is like you are in different places all at once. A skilled wedding videographer definitely knows where to best position himself and anticipate great moments.

  1. Relive the wedding over and over again

Isn’t it romantic if you get to watch the video with your spouse 20 or 30 years later? Or watch it with your grandchildren even years after? You will certainly feel nostalgic yet happy to be able to watch your exchange of wedding vows as well as the happy moments in your wedding over and over again.

Our wedding may happen only once in our lifetime so we need to ensure that this special day is memorable one and everything turns out well. Hence, decide carefully and be selective in choosing who to hire or what to get.

A Guide to Post-Production for Newbie Photographers

For someone who is getting into the realm of photography, it is important to learn not only the aspects of taking good photos but also the aspects of making those photos look better through post-production work.

While it is not necessary to do post-production work on all photos, post-production is essential nonetheless as a way to highlight or minimize (if not eradicate) certain elements that impacts the image either positively or negatively.

computer-767781_1280 (1)

Here are some basics you need to know about post-production in photography.

  • Understanding file formats

Getting started in learning post-production first involves understanding the different photography formats out there and knowing which format your camera uses. By default, all cameras use the JPEG file format, which needs no introduction as it is the most widespread file format for photos that is used today. And being the most available format, by default also, all photos you take on your camera are stored as JPEG files.

Then there is RAW, a file format usually available in DSLRs and other more advanced camera which provides uncompressed, most faithful rendition of images. RAW format is most recommended for post-processing work as you can make the necessary adjustments or changes in your image while leaving the original image intact, something that would be useful in instances when you have to revert the image to an earlier point in time before changes were made.

  • Knowing the software you will use

For post-production work on images, there are mainly two programs that are widely used by those working on digital images: Photoshop and Lightroom. While both programs basically do the same job which is editing photos and having some of the same basic functionalities, (not to mention both are created by the software company Adobe) they work differently and have different tools and attributes in doing this task. Photoshop is the software for more extensive and complex editing work like adding filters, stitching images, and add other effects that may be needed to be done. Lightroom on the other hand is a more simple program that lets you process and edit RAW images, something that Photoshop cannot do.

  • Reading the data on the software

Regardless of whether you will be using Photoshop or Lightroom, the interface both programs use have some similarities. Specifically, both programs provide a histogram view where you can get the lighting and color balance qualities of the image you are working on. The histogram will give you a good idea whether the image you are working on in overexposed or underexposed and whether the editing you have made gave more “balance” to the photo in question.


  • The basics on corrections

Each program has its own tools to be used in correcting images; it is important to learn these tools for your post-production work, depending on the software you will use. Nevertheless, it is important to never overdo whatever corrections you wish to make on the photo, lest it would adversely affect the quality of the photo itself.

Also, it is a good practice to be precise in using the tools available, making sure you are applying the needed work on the right area of the photograph, or it may affect also the image quality, for example, of the photos you took as a bristol wedding photographer.

As always, you should continuously learn and hone your skills in post-processing as to be expected of someone who would be extensively working on digital images. Through constant learning and practice work, you will get to not only appreciate post-processing as an important step in the overall photography work but also be more adept in enhancing the image quality of your photos.

Essential Wedding Equipment Wedding Photographers Must Always Bring

wedding photography tipsCovering a wedding as a wedding photographer is a huge task. You can just go to the wedding and take pictures without planning and preparing for it. The couple relies on you to capture the special moments of their wedding and deliver memorable wedding photos that they can keep for a lifetime.

Equipment, skills and experience are the 3 most important factors that wedding photographers need to have in order to successfully cover a wedding. When it comes to equipment, there are several wedding equipment that a wedding photographer should always bring to a wedding. Photographers who are new to wedding photography must know the essential things to buy and carefully choose which ones to buy.


A camera can be considered as the photographer’s best friend. There are several types of cameras available today but the best type is DSLR. Our wedding photographer essex has various DSLR cameras that he uses in weddings.

DSLR cameras can be found in different brands, sizes and prices. A full-frame camera is of course better than APS-C and as for camera brands – the popular choices are Nikon, Canon and Sony. Check out the different full-frame cameras that these brands have to offer. Among the features to look for in a camera for wedding photography are low-noise capability, adjustable shutter speed, electronic viewfinder, large ISO range and sensor size.

When working on a wedding, a wedding photographer should bring at least 2 camera bodies. If the primary camera suddenly breaks done, there is still another one that the photographer can use. Additionally, 2 cameras can allow you to use two separate lenses that can be used for different types of shots. One can be used for portrait shots while the other one can be for shooting the wedding venue.


Lenses are also important for wedding photographers to get perfect wedding shots. There are lenses suitable for taking pictures of the venue and a good example is a wide-angle lens. On the other hand, there are lenses that are great for formal portraits. Prime lenses around 50-85mm are commonly used for portrait shots. When shooting discreetly from afar, the best lens to use is a telephoto zoom lens or a standard zoom. Some photographers do not invest too much in camera body but instead focus on buying the right lenses.

Lenses have different aperture and the aperture can affect your capture image. The higher the aperture, the more light can come into the camera thus making the image look brighter. Since weddings are usually held indoors then an aperture of f/2.8 and higher are better.

Memory cards, batteries, flashes

Indoor wedding venues usually have dim light so an external camera flash can be helpful in providing light to your subject. You can diffuse, bounce or lessen the light if it is too much. Some wedding venues do not allow the use of flash for it can possibly disturb the solemn wedding ceremony. You will need to know their restrictions early so you can plan accordingly. Memory cards are definitely must haves and if you plan to take plenty of shots in RAW then you need to bring more memory cards. Bring also extra batteries and make sure the battery of your main camera is also fully charged so you can cover the wedding from start to end and no moment will be missed.

If you plan to take formal portraits before the wedding ceremony, a tripod can also come in handy. You can place your camera onto the tripod, compose the shot, help the couple or the guests with the poses and take the shot.

By bringing the right equipment and using your photography skills, you can surely cover the wedding successfully.

How to Excel in Wedding Photography?

wedding photographyWith the tight competition among wedding photographers today, it is somehow difficult for newbies to get started and gain clients. Oftentimes, engaged couples will look for a wedding photographer who can show an impressive work portfolio and already has an experience in covering weddings. If you’re a newbie photographer, you will need to find ways that can make you excel in wedding photography.

Choosing the right equipment

One cannot get started in photography without a camera, lens and some accessories. For professional photographers, the recommended camera is a DSLR. DSLR cameras have impressive features that can produce sharper, more creative images compared to pictures that we get from the old digital cameras we use. There are lenses that you can pair with your DSLR to get more specific type of shots. For wedding photography, great lens choices are wide-angle lens for photographing the venue and for group portraits, zoom lens for taking pictures discreetly from a distance and macro lens for shooting details of special wedding items.

Taking a photography course or workshop

A photographer cannot be considered a professional if he/she did not undergo any photography training or did not take any photography course. Yes frequent practice can definitely help you gain practical skills in taking pictures. But then, formal training or workshop in photography can give you the right knowledge which can certainly help you potentially succeed.

Observing the experts

Professional wedding photographers who are way ahead of you in wedding photography can also impart valuable information to help you get started in the industry. You can observe how they work by offering to become their second shooter. During the wedding, take note of how the wedding photographer surrey shoots, how the wedding event goes and what techniques are done by the photographer in capturing brilliant images. You can ask questions but never do it in front of the clients or guests.

Once you have worked as a second shooter for several weddings, you can add those experiences into your wedding portfolio. It can add more credibility to you and your future business once you start offering professional photography service.

Setting up a business plan

Professional photography service fees vary among photographers. You cannot just look at the pricing of Berkshire Wedding Photographer and copy it. You have to think and plan your own pricing. Your pricing should depend on your location, experience, delivered products and packages.

Set up a business plan once you are equipped with the knowledge, experience and gear to offer professional services. Your business plan should include your expected expenses, budget, package pricing, location, products and all other important details related to your planned business.

Networking with others

Like any other businesses, connections play an important part in making your business known in the wedding industry so more potential clients can find you. You need to network with others in the wedding industry and build wonderful relationships with them. These people can send clients your way once you have set your credibility. You can also do the same and recommend them to your clients. It is a healthy give and take relationship between you and other wedding professionals.

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

wedding videographerAre you getting married soon? Have you already found a wedding photographer essex? How about a wedding videographer – are you hiring one? Well, if you are in doubt on whether it is necessary to hire professional wedding videographer, then let me tell you it is. You will most likely regret it if you don’t get a videographer for your wedding.

Well, choosing a wedding videographer is not easy. You will surely come across several who are claiming to be experienced in wedding videography, only to find out later that their claims are false. There are other videographers though who are worth considering for this huge task of recording this very special day of your life.

There are several factors to consider in choosing a wedding videographer. You should not just pick someone without checking on his experience, skills or work portfolio. Doing so, will make you regret it. And so, to help you choose the right wedding videographer, here are the things to contemplate on.


This is indeed the most critical factor in choosing a wedding videographer. You need to find someone who has an experience in recording weddings. Wedding videos are different from the usual videos that some videographers record. A wedding video requires certain skills and knowledge to be able to produce a great video that will show the real precious moments in a wedding.

You can do a background check of the potential videographer by asking other professionals in the wedding industry, searching online forums and looking into their work portfolio. During your appointment with him, request to see several videos of past weddings he recorded. Watch the videos carefully and from there try to assess how skilled or experienced the wedding photographer is.


Is the videographer easy to get along with? Is he/she nice and approachable or rude? Well, personality matters a lot when it comes to choosing a videographer since you will be working with him/her in making this event memorable and worth keeping.

Look for someone who is honest, trustworthy, skilled and professional. Ask past clients of the videographer to know whether they were satisfied with the services and output delivered. Learn if the videographer arrives early, if he dresses appropriately and delivers what is promised and agreed.


Wedding videographers today generally uses a professional camera and shoots in HD. You need to learn what type and how many cameras he brings. Does he bring a backup camera, spare batteries and other essential accessories like tripods? If yes, then he/she is a good choice. A professional wedding videographer shows preparedness and confidence when recoding your video. He should know which angle to take, where to position himself during the ceremony, how to control the light especially when the venue is in low light and how to adjust the camera’s settings whenever necessary.

Last but not the least; you have to check on the different packages the wedding videographer is offering. Is it too expensive or just reasonable? Get ideas from friends within your area to know what the best price range for videography services is.

How to Record Action Using a GoPro Camera

gopro cameraWith the modern technology we have today, it is now easier for us to capture and record events as they happen. DSLR cameras are widely used by professional photographers and photo enthusiasts in capturing still images. On the other hand, action cameras are known for being useful in recording live action . One of the most popular action cameras today is the GoPro.

GoPro cameras are generally tiny, lightweight, easy to mount and very reliable in recording sport events or games. Some of the GoPro models are Hero 1, Hero 2, 3Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver. These GoPro cameras are usually bought by athletes, sports photographers and individuals who are into sports. This is the why GoPro is a popular action camera.

GoPro cameras are easy to mount and attach thus making it possible to record scenes that DSLRs or other more expensive cannot do. Its size is also a huge advantage since it is easy to carry and even hide. Here are some features of a GoPro camera:

1. Burst shoot mode

You can set the camera to burst shoot mode so you can capture many images in one click.

2. Time lapse shooting

This will allow you to set the time when to capture, stop and capture again images.

3. Waterproof

Your GoPro camera can be placed in a waterproof housing and this will allow you to take underwater images. This is a useful feature for swimmers who wants to record themselves while underwater.

4. Easy mounting

GoPro can be easily mounted or attached to just about any surface. There are many mounts that you can use as support for your GoPro. The widely used are suction mounts and adhesive mounts. Suction mounts can be used to attach your GoPro Hero camera on a helmet, on your bike or other flat surfaces.

Adhesive mounts are also best for bikers to attach their GoPro on their helmet or for sports photographers trying to catch on a different angle from afar. They can use a remote trigger to control the camera when it’s time to capture.

5. Built-in LCD

Some GoPro models like Hero 4 Silver have a built-in LCD which allows you to view the scene first and frame it before taking a shot.  Even in natural wedding photography, a built-in LCD in a camera can be very useful to the photographer

6. Strong case

Several photographers can attest to how durable the GoPro camera. The GoPro is said to be capable of withstanding damage when it falls. There are also housings you can buy for added protection so you don’t have to worry when you place the camera on a higher ground or uneven surface. Even these staffordshire wedding photographers are impressed with how robust the GoPro cameras are.

Recording videos can be done in the normal mode, time lapse, and even underwater. You can control the GoPro camera remotely after you have set it to your desired mode.

In time lapse mode, you can set the interval of shots and a time lapse movie with the captured footages will be produced. For more detailed instructions on how to do it, go here.

GoPro cameras are not for professionals or advanced photo enthusiasts only. Even average individuals who just want to take shots or record videos from time to time can use this.

4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

videographerWhen planning your wedding, there are plenty of preparations that need to be done and questions that must be answered.  For sure your family and friends are willing to help you out. They can give recommendations on what to buy, where to go when canvasing for prices and who to hire among wedding professionals offering their services.

You will need to find a wedding planner to help you organize everything for the wedding. You also need a caterer to provide sumptuous food to all guests and a wedding florist to choose the flowers that blend well with your wedding theme. And yes, a wedding photographer gloucestershire to take pictures of the precious moments in your wedding. Those are only some of the wedding vendors or professionals sought after by engaged couples.

But, do you know that there’s another wedding professional that is important in a wedding? Yes, a wedding videographer! Some might cringe at the thought hiring a videographer for hiring one is an additional expense. But then, if you think hard, you will realize that a wedding videographer plays a big role in a wedding. Hiring one is worth every penny you spend.

Here are top 4 reasons to hire a wedding videographer.

  1. A wedding videographer is technically skilled and theoretically knowledgeable.

Most of us can record videos but not all of us can do it professionally. A professional videographer spent time in studying how to record videos and how to edit them. They can definitely produce better wedding videos than any of our friends who are not into videography.

  1. A wedding video taken by a professional can showcase weddings moments that you missed.

Professional videographers such as those from Steven Jones Photography know how and what to capture in a wedding. You can surely view the moments you have missed when you were busy preparing before the wedding or entertaining other guests during the wedding.

You can also see your valued guests and their expressions and mood during the wedding ceremony. For sure you will find that some guests are emotional, others are extremely happy or nervous. A mixture of emotions will be caught on camera by the videographer.

  1. They can edit the video and add effects to make it look more artistic and worth keeping.

These wedding videographers do not only know how to record videos but also how to edit them. You can be assured of a wedding video worth keeping as well as sharing to friends, relatives and future grandchildren.

  1. A wedding video can help relive an important event in your life.

You can watch your wedding video from time to time and relive the moments that happened. You can even show it to the next generation in your family. They will surely feel amazed by how unique and brilliant the video is.

If you’re really serious in making your wedding successful, then get professional help. Hire those who have experience in handling weddings and can make your wedding a success.

What Camera Bag Should a Wedding Photographer Buy?


camera bagsOnce you’ve decided to pursue a career in photography, you need to take it seriously and find time to know everything there is to know about it. It is also important for you to choose the form of photography you want to specialize in. Yes you can do general photography but if you really want to target the right client, then choose one type to master in.

Among the popular types today is wedding photography. If you want to become a successful wedding photographer, then you will have to follow the right steps to succeed in this industry. Apart from gaining the knowledge and skills in photography, you will need to buy the right equipment to help you get better shots.

The first thing that comes to mind is of course, the camera. You need to buy the right camera for wedding photography. Next, is the lens. Lenses are vital in making your captured images look more awesome.

Now, these cameras and lenses generally cost a lot and you wouldn’t want them to get damaged, right? Well, you will need a camera bag to place your high-priced gear and protect them from dust and destruction.

There are many camera bags that you can choose from. Among them are sling type, waist bags, totes, rolling camera bags and holster cases.

When choosing a camera bag, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Size and number of gears

Take into account the size and number of cameras and lenses you are planning to bring. If you bring a lot, then choose a bigger bag with extra space in case you will bring additional small stuff. If you plan to bring only two cameras and limited accessories, then you can bring a backpack type so it will be easy for you to move around when covering a wedding.

  1. Location of wedding

If you often go out of town or country to cover a wedding, it is best to choose a rolling camera bag so it will be easier to move when traveling. If you only cover within the area, then you can go for a backpack or sling camera bag. With a sling bag, you can easily grab your camera to take a shot and you can get less attention from the wedding guests.

  1. Quality and special features

The camera bag that you should buy must be durable, weatherproof and have compartments that make it easier for you to arrange you big and small stuff. If possible, choose one with a space for your laptop. If you choose a backpack camera bag, find one that has nice-padded shoulder straps so your back and shoulder won’t hurt a lot when you carry you gear for a long time. You can get ideas from wedding photographer Bristol

  1. Budget and Number of Bags

Most professional photographers like wedding photographer surrey have 2 or more camera bags. If you have just started in wedding photography, you can begin with one bag then later buy another when you deem necessary. You should also buy within your budget, just make sure you won’t regret your choice. Keep in mind that quality must be considered first above quantity. Buy the best high quality bag that you can afford.

With the right camera bag, you can be assured that your gears are well protected and it will be easier for you to do your job. You don’t have to worry a lot about how bulky your gears are or how you’re going to arrange them.